Retreats, Circus Training, Spiritual Training and Shows in Byron Bay Australia. Learn Yoga, Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Handstands, Meditation, Esoteric Studies and Transformation with Moira Campbell and Alex Frith

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Alex and Moira featured training Chris Hemsworth for the Strength eppisode of Limmetless on Disney +

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Learning Aerial with Moira and Alex was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only has it allowed me to achieve things I had never thought possible physically, but it has finally put me together with a family of wonderfull misfits for whom I have be searching for my whole life.

Laura Daniels

I couldn't have asked for better people to learn my love of circus from, the passion shines out of you, your love for it is so inspiring. Moira you are so calming and nurturing, such a beautiful energy, and kickass to boot! Alex you are a powerhouse of creativity, a whirlwind of ideas, such drive and so alive. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, you opened an incredible door for me... 

Emily Bell

Its difficult to find the words to convey what a phenomenal impact Moira and Alex's teaching has had on me. You need to experience them to know what I mean! I can't rate them highly enough! Their inclusive and accepting style and wholehearted encouragement has meant so much to me. I know I speak for many others.

Sue Yates

Moira I wanted to tell you I started my new job last week at Cirque du Soleil! Its my biggest dream come true and I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you. You were my first ever circus instructor and if you hadn't been such a wonderful teaching perhaps I wouldn't be where I am today!

Beth Alvarez

Moira and Alex you have introduced circus to so many peoples lives and are part of the reason why circus is still thriving from amateur to professional level. You were part of my incredible journey of me getting into cirque du soleil

Jonny Grim

Moira it has been such an honour to work with you. Do you remember how i would struggle to choreograph myself on trapeze and you guided me in improvisation..and in some grand experiment of moving in universal breath I found a way to let the organic flow help my body heal

  • turn your goals into reality

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turn your goals into reality

One to One training

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Byron Bay is a jewel in the crown of the NSW coast line, a stunning place to visit and train new skills.

Ascension Byron Bay offers a unique opportunity to come to paradise and learn new circus skills.

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