Retreats, Circus Training, Spiritual Training and Shows in Byron Bay Australia. Learn Yoga, Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Handstands, Meditation, Esoteric Studies and Transformation with Moira Campbell and Alex Frith


Moira Campbell's ethos is that any student with enough passion, discipline and determination can become a circus artist. She finds a huge amount of joy seeing students grow in confidence, developing their skills and seeing their strength and creativity grow

As co-founder and director of AirCraft Circus London Moira spearheaded the Full-time circus training of the school alongside Marketing and running the annual Greenwich Circus Festival. She also oversaw the Youth Circus Programme. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and has seen 17 rounds of full-time adult students through to graduation and into the international circus industry. Including Cirque du Soleil.

After studying at The Circus Space in London (now known as the National Centre) she left her job in independent film to follow her circus dream and set up her own classes, teacher trainings and cabarets. As a Screenwriter and Producer on films such as 'Little Ashes' (starring Robert Pattinson) this was an eight ball that changed her life.

Her love of teaching, choreography and performing developed. She ran classes across London at Jacksons Lane,The Synergy Centrethe BTS project and at the original Hangar in Stratford (on a spot that now hosts the Olympic Stadium). In 2008 she officially joined as Director of AirCraft Circus London at The Hangar Arts Trust where she remained until September 2017.

Moira performs as an aerialist in cabarets, shows, corporate events and festivals. A few of her credits include performing at Circus Arts Australia, the last Secret Garden Party (doubles spinning Lyra), harness flying at 90 metres from the top of Anish Kapoors Orbit, The Greenwich Olympic Festival (silks, triples trapeze and solo trapeze), Performing at the O2 Arena (rope) and numerous circus shows including Damaged Goods (single point doubles trapeze), Madame Pain's Boudoir Circus (triples trapeze, doubles trapeze, rope and spanish web), A Midsummer Night Circus (solo static trapeze; doubles trapeze) LaBelle Époque (triples trapeze, doubles trapeze and solo trapeze) and the critically acclaimed Midnight Circus (doubles trapeze, acrobalance, rope and web spinning)

Alongside her passion for circus Moira trained intensively in the Himalayas in India with guruji Yogi Vishvar Vishvektu in the 'Akhanda' yoga tradition. Together with years of Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa and AcroYoga practice her style is strong, flowing and pranayama based. She ran a yoga studio inside her circus school for 10 years in London as she believes an education of the body, heart and mind is necessary to bridge the external to the internal. The physical, she believes, is indivisible from the spiritual. This is really the essence behind the name Ascension.

She is married to Alex, they teach, perform and work together. Their proudest creation to date is their 10 year old daughter, India-Rose who has grown up in the Circus.